Monday, February 13, 2012

15 years & counting

I'm only 33, how is it possible that I'm celebrating a 15 year wedding anniversary tomorrow?---that was the way the conversation started with my Dad this morning. He didn't have an answer for me, except to say "that's what happens when you get married at 18" yep, leave it to my Dad to keep it real.

15 years!! WOW. How did we make it 15yrs when most people (including us) didn't honestly think we'd make it the first 5 (and we almost didn't). The truth....we are both stubborn people. We'd rather stay and fight for what we want than to throw in the towel and give up. I'd love to make it all romantic and hollywoodish, but it isn't. It's life, we don't have a script or a great hollywood director to tell us what to do next. That isn't to say that we don't love each other a great deal because we do. We know each other in ways no one else ever will. We share three children, three amazing, beautiful children I might add.

A friend asked me the other day, "After 15 years what would be your advice to a couple just getting married"~~ people write books for that kind of crap, so my answer was "go to the book store"....I say that jokingly because rarely do books help. I've had 2 books that I can say honestly changed my life (but I've read hundreds) The truth is what works is different for every one and every couple. For us, we had to learn to have fun & laugh together. Raising three kids, work, bills, family drama, car is just hard sometimes and more than anything it took us learning how to be friends again to learn how to fall back in love again. and again, and again....

To any women friends reading this......listen.....we make relationships with men way to hard. They are simple creatures. It doesn't take a lot to keep them happy. First~~if you don't have your own set of friends, make some and quick. Girlfriends are the key. Your husband is not your everything... stop asking him to be. Second~~if he doesn't like the outfit your wearing...who gives a shit. really? Don't pick outfits based on what you think he might like, wear what you want. Be yourself. There is nothing on this earth more sexy than a confident woman, who knows who she is, cares about herself and really doesn't give a damn what other people think (that includes her husband). Third (and maybe most important)~~men want good food and great sex. Its really that simple. You don't have to be Rachel Ray in the kitchen or even act like Madonna in the bedroom....but show some basic skills (or learn some new kick ass skills) and trust me he will be a happy man.

So Happy Anniversary Bradley!!! In 5 years it will be 20 :)

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